Coming Soon: ENGL Savage 120 Mark II

Let's face it: in a world of simulations, the only way to really stand out is by sticking with the real thing... and nothing could be more real than the return of one of ENGL's most respected and most powerful all-tube amplifiers in an updated and even cooler version with the Savage 120 Mark II.

The Savage 120 Mark II is everything that your modeling/profiling amp isn't. Think of it like a car; you can always drive something that will get you to and from your boring office job, a sensible vehicle that gets good gas mileage and is predictably safe. But maybe once in your life, you'd like to be behind the wheel of a 700hp Hemi, driving like a bat out of hell on a desert road and blowing the doors off anyone who would dare challenge you. That's what the ENGL Savage 120 Mark II is like.

The ENGL Savage 120 Mark II rear panel: IEC power receptacle, MIDI Thru, MIDI In, ENGL foot controller connection, MIDI channel/controller settings, footswitch control inputs for serial amp control and channel up/down, noise gate threshold setting, FX loop 1/2 with send and return and wet/dry control, power tube monitor LED, line output, and speaker cabinet output connections. 

Let's start with the power. The Savage 120 Mark II has six ECC83 preamp tubes and two 6550 power tubes, delivering 120 watts of insanely raw power. But a truly great amp is much more than the number of watts you can push through the speaker cabinets. You get true sonic versatility with this amp that offers four discrete channels: Clean, Crunch 1, Crunch 2, and Lead. Each channel offers its own volume and gain controls. There is a full set of EQ controls to tweak, along with the ability to preshape and contour your signal. But in today's technology-driven world, maybe you're worried about getting left behind just because you won't compromise your tone. No worries... the Savage 120 Mark II is a highly advanced amplifier that makes use of many features you expect in contemporary professional amplification, including two effects loops that are each adjustable from parallel to serial, and complete MIDI programmability.

Most importantly, this amp provides the fast response and attack you want, plus the punchy headroom and wide dynamics that are the trademarks of the ENGL Savage. Visit your ENGL Dealer to order the Savage 120 Mark II, which will be available in May.