Congrats to EC-1000T and TKL Case Winner Eddie Glinski

The odds of winning a sweepstakes from ESP are actually pretty good... much better than the odds of, say, winning a lottery, being struck by lightning, or being invited to become the next guitarist of your favorite band. Still, with a prize package like our most recent sweepstakes of the newly-introduced LTD Deluxe EC-1000T and a special first-of-its-kind premium quality TKL case, we were bound to get thousands and thousands of entries from all over the world, and we did. There can only be one winner, though, and that randomly-selected person is Eddie Glinski of Toronto, Canada.

Eddie seemed pretty stoked when he was informed of his victory, replying, "That’s amazing news! Long time ESP player, first time winner." It's no surprise that he's happy with his prize; Eddie will receive the NAMM Show prototype of the EC-1000T along with a very special TKL Vectra case. At the moment, only one of those cases exists; like the EC-1000T that Eddie is getting, this case is a unique prototype.

The EC-1000T is a pretty special high-quality guitar. It features a traditional full-thickness body that is chambered for weight relief, and is the first production guitar to offer a set of new Fishman Fluence® Open Core Classic Humbucker pickups with three voicings. It also features a flamed maple top in outstanding Honey Bust Satin finish.

Again, we offer big congratulations to Eddie, and wish him a ton of enjoyment from his new guitar and case. For the rest of you, as always, we have more killer offers coming soon for ESP All Access members. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now! It's free and it gives you plenty of benefits.


Congratulations to the winner.

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matt halim

Congrats...lucky one

Richard R B.

Grats! Sweet axe bro!

Greg W.

Congratulations! Lucky Guy! Enjoy! 

HeathenGuitar B.


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