Congrats to MI's ESP Rock Guitar Scholarship Winner Andy Ferreira

ESP has long held the idea that our guitars and basses are only as good as the people who play them, and that music education is vital toward keeping the standards of music performance and composition at a high level. That's why we're very happy for Andy Ferreira, a current student at Musicians Institute who is the recipient of their Rock guitar Scholarship that ESP sponsors. Andy comes to the Los Angeles-based school from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has versatile guitar skills in the pop, blues, rock and jazz genres.

In addition to supporting Andy's continued education at MI, we are giving him an essential tool to continue his musical growth in the form of an LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Koa. This beautiful and versatile guitar offers a set-thru neck, mahogany body, 5-piece mahogany/purple heart neck, a TonePros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece, a set of Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) and Custom 5 (bridge pickups), and a top made of sweet Hawaiian koa.  

Andy says, “The most impactful experiences that I’ve had at MI involve being around teachers of the highest level I’ve seen in my life, and also being able to delve into the best formatted curriculums I’ve ever come across. Add that to an environment of complete musical immersion along with great technological ease, and you have the ultimate learning experience. Couldn’t be happier, this place is better than Disneyland!!”

We wish the best for Andy on his path toward a successful careers in the music industry. For more information on MI, visit their web site.

Zara L.

I never thought I'd say music education was important. But as I interact with musicians, I get more and more convinced of it. A friend of mine, a guitarist told me about the many courses and trainings he took to become a qualified guitarist. I see his professional development, his quality of playing a musical instrument. Soon he wants to go to drumming courses.

Atticus	 J.

I will have to muster up a lot of courage to congratulate these stupid players like everyone else. The legit will deny it of course but I know what stands in the way.

Michael S.


Daniel C.

What an inspirational young man,congratulations!

Jim D.


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