Five Tips for New ESP Players

Five Tips for New ESP Players

It’s December 26, the day after Christmas, and there are probably a good number of happy people around the world who found a new guitar or bass under the tree yesterday (or who got one for other recent seasonal gift-giving holidays). We want to be sure that everyone is aware of some advantages to being an ESP player — and yes, that includes our LTD and E-II guitar brands as well.

1. Register Your New Instrument

Here’s something you may not know: all of our guitars and basses have a limited lifetime warranty. Visit our Warranty Registration page now and get your registration filled out! While you’re there, you may want to…

2. Join ESP All Access

ESP All Access is our online community of fellow ESP players. Membership is free. As an ESP All Access member, you’ll get special offers and access to information ahead of non-members. You’ll also be able to participate in our many promotional opportunities, like sweepstakes and contests, and will receive discounts on our apparel and accessory merchandise. Join now!

3. Meet Other ESP Players

Our online forums are the best place to connect with other people who are knowledgeable about our guitars and basses. Some of these people are avid collectors of our instruments, while others have expertise in specific areas. Either way, posting a question in the appropriate forum or just being involved in conversations there will be an excellent resource in familiarizing yourself with everything to do with ESP.

4. Read the FAQ and Manual

FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions”, and the reason the same questions keep coming up often is that most musicians run into the same challenges, especially when they’re new to a particular instrument. There’s no shame in not knowing; the only shame is in not asking! Fortunately, we’ve compiled many of the questions we’ve been asked over the years into this handy online document. Check out the FAQ now.

Also, there’s an online owner's manual for our instruments that will give you tips on the right strings to use, general guitar maintenance, and more. Read it!

5. Check the Tech Corner

Especially for people who might be new to guitar/bass playing and maintenance, or those who just got a new instrument with features that they’re not 100% confident on how to best set up and use, ESP has a series of Tech Corner videos that might be very helpful to you. From restringing a guitar to working on a Floyd Rose or EverTune system, our Tech Corner might be all you need. Check out the videos now.

Once again, we welcome all new ESP, E-II, and LTD owners to the family, and encourage you to take advantage of everything we offer!

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Dariusz M.

Its good idea to help reduce the theft risk by registering your instruments and securely managing your instrument information in one spot.


great info, darmowe spiny za rejestracje bez depozytu 2020....will follow and take advantage of everything you offer!

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