Metal Injection's "Best Guitarist of the Year" - Vote Now!

Our pals at Metal Injection are doing their annual Reader's Poll, and it should surprise no one that a number of ESP players are nominated for their "Best Guitarist of the Year" award. You can go vote right now, and if you do, we'd recommend you choose one of the following players, listed with the releases they put out in 2018.

Alex Skolnick - Metal Allegiance
Monte Pittman - Monte Pittman
Silenoz - Dimmu Borgir
Steffen Kummerer - Obscura

Alex Skolnick is an ESP Signature artist, with models including the ESP Alex Skolnick FR and the LTD AS-1. Alex also has been known to enjoy the ESP USA Eclipse. Monte Pittman, best known as Madonna's longtime guitarist, put out the killer Inverted Grasp of Balance album earlier this year, and plays a variety of ESP models including some amazing Eclipse models from the ESP Custom Shop. Silenoz is another veteran member of the ESP artist family, and has had a V-shaped Signature Series model called the Okkulitist. Steffen Kummerer is a newer convert to ESP, and he plays an E-II M-II Seven and a E-II Horizon FR-7.

Visit Metal Injection now and vote for one of these acclaimed and influential players!

Richard S.

How I can invite you

Lucy W.

Gary Holt.


Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

To bad that Gary Holt or Will Adler is on this list 

Jeff K.

The Metal Injection folks limited the list to players who had releases within 2018 only. Anyway, as long as there are multiple ESP players up for these, pick one and give them some love!

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

So true Jeff