The Best Presents Are Those You Can Play

Got someone special in your life who has a birthday or anniversary coming up? You could go get them a sweater, a book, some jewelry, or some other gift that they might forget about ten minutes later. Or, if you're as cool as Cynthia Bouks, wife of ESP player Alex Bouks from the respected metal band Immolation, you give the gift that keeps on giving: a new ESP!

Cynthia wanted the gift to be a surprise (who wouldn't?), so she reached out to us surreptitiously. Alex is already a member of the ESP artist family, and while some people assume that well-known endorsed musicians get all the free gear they want, that is almost never the case. However, we do have an artist program that allows for artist pricing on guitars and basses they want to purchase, and we were more than happy to get Cynthia hooked up with a pretty amazing gift: a brand new ESP E-II Eclipse EverTune! In addition to the innovative EverTune bridge, the guitar features set-thru construction, mahogany body and neck, an ebony fingerboard, and a set of Seymour Duncan Sentient and Pegasus pickups.

The surprise went off without a hitch, and Cynthia told us that Alex was "over the moon" when given his new E-II Eclipse on his birthday in late August. Perhaps you'll get to see Alex with his birthday guitar sooner than you expect; along with a bunch of other ESP players in various bands, Immolation is rocking the Full Terror Assault Fest tomorrow (September 7) in Illinois.

Dennis K.

Lucky guy, you have a wife which looks after your need and care for you. She knows what you like and want and she got it for you.


I am very lucky to come here for the learn amazing guitarĀ