Available Right Now: LTD FRX-400/FRX-407

One thing we know about ESP players... they're not afraid to stand out in a crowd. That's why, in 2014, we added one of our most outrageous new shapes to our guitar collection with the FRX Series. First available only in our handmade ESP Original Series, we then added the FRX to our ESP E-II Series, and finally to our affordable LTD Series. Since then, we've updated the LTD FRX-400 and 7-string FRX-407 to be even more brutal and menacing than ever before.

The FRX body was an evolution from our F Series, which itself was based on a classic ESP Original model called Forest. These guitars are anything but traditional; they're perfect for aggressive and extreme music styles. With the FRX, you get a bold guitar with lines that are simultaneously curved and angled, with a killer-looking carved bevel on the top of the guitar body.

Updated for 2018, the newest versions of FRX-400 and FRX-407 come in Black Satin finish with set-thru neck construction, a mahogany body, three-piece maple neck, and pau ferro fingerboard with 24 extra jumbo frets. Their sound is powered by active EMG 81/60 (FRX-400) or EMG 81-7H/85-7H (FRX-407) pickups, and they includes a Floyd Rose Special tremolo for expressive playing.





Check out a few demos of ESP players and their FRX guitars below!

Monte Pittman, Madonna's guitarist and solo artist, ripping up a metal version of "La Isla Bonita" on his E-II FRX.

Progressive metal shredder Jack Fliegler -- aka ToxicxEternity on YouTube -- completely killing it on an LTD FRX-407.

Rocker Silas Fernandes does a playthrough of his song "Electrical Storm" on an LTD FRX-407.

Find your ESP dealer now, and get and FRX guitar today!


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Wow, I’ve got one of those banners that Jack is playing next to.