ESP Dominates Loudwire's "25 Best Metal Songs of 2017"

Every so often, you read the words of music industry pundits saying that heavy metal is a dying art form. They said it after the glory days of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in the '70s; they repeated it when synth pop took over the airwaves from AC/DC and Judas Priest in the '80s; they say it often now with the predominance of EDM and other music of the 2010s. And yet, somehow, metal bands continue kicking ass and releasing great songs. Our friends at Loudwire know this all too well, and they did a great job selecting their top 25 metal songs from 2017. ESP players accounted for a big chunk of creating what Loudwire considered the finest of this year.

#18 "Sentence Day” (Obituary)
Obituary includes ESP players Ken Andrews (ESP M-II) and Terry Butler (ESP Stream bass).

#16 "Remain Violent” (Warbringer)
Warbringer includes ESP players Adam Carroll (ESP Eclipse), Chase Becker (ESP E-II M-II), and Jessie Sanchez (ESP E-II Stream).

#15 "Ashes of the Dawn” (DragonForce)
DragonForce includes ESP player Frederic Leclercq (ESP Custom Shop basses).

#13 "Portrait of a Headless Man” (Septicflesh)
Septicflesh includes ESP player Christos Antoniou (ESP EX).

#11 "Return to the Abyss” (Suffocation)
Suffocation includes ESP player Charles Errigo (ESP M-II).

#8 "Die With Integrity” (Dying Fetus)
Dying Fetus includes ESP players John Gallagher (ESP Custom V) and Sean Beasley (LTD B-1004).

#6 "Sultan's Curse” (Mastodon)
Mastodon includes ESP player Bill Kelliher (LTD Signature Series Sparrowhawk).

#3 "The Longest Winter” (Paradise Lost)
Paradise Lost includes ESP player Aaron Aedy (ESP E-II Eclipse).

#2 "I Saw the End” (Pallbearer)
Pallbearer includes ESP player Devin Holt (LTD AW-7B).

#1 “Forever" (Code Orange)
Code Orange includes ESP player Reba Meyers (LTD Viper-1000).

See the entire Loudwire list here.


#8 "Die With Integrityā€¯ (Dying Fetus) is my favourite

Raff Sangiorgio