New and Updated Left-Handed Models for 2017

A couple of facts about you lefties out there: you make up only about 12% of the world’s population. A startling number of you have been the President of the USA in recent times… Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were all southpaws. And — as if this is news to you — it’s harder for lefties to find things that suit your dominant hand, like sporting equipment and musical instruments.

For guitar makers, each left-handed model is a completely different instrument than its right-handed counterpart. We can’t just take our designs and flip them upside down in the manufacturing facilities where ESP and LTD guitars are built; if it was that simple, we’d be able to do lefty versions of everything we make. However, we’re happy to announce that we are indeed looking out for our left-handed customers with twelve cool new and updated models to join the rest of our lefty instruments in 2017. While we’re updating our site, here’s a simple list of newly-available and updated lefties, with links to the right-handed versions (or current lefties in the case of updates) for your reference:

Bill Kelliher Signature Sparrrowhawk (Military Green Sunburst)
EC-1000 PIEZO (See Thru Black)
EC-1000FM (Amber Sunburst) - now with set-thru neck
EC-1000QM (See Thru Black Cherry) - now with set-thru neck
EC-407 (Black Satin) - now with set-thru neck
EC-256FM (See Thru Purple Sunburst)
EC-10 (Blue)
EC-10 (Red)
Kirk Hammett KH-202 (Black)
M-400 (Black Satin)
M-400M (Natural Satin)
TE-254 (Distressed 3-Tone Burst)

Also, note that any model in our ESP USA Series can be built to order in a left-handed version. You can take a look through both left- and right-handed models in our ESP USA Gallery here.

These new and updated lefty instruments will soon be added to our complete Lefty Collection, along with photos and specs, as soon as we can make that happen. Many thanks to all the musicians out there whose headstocks point right onstage!