ESP NOW! George Lynch - July 7 2016, 11AM PDT

When George Lynch visits his friends at ESP headquarters, good times are usually had by all. We were thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool if the whole ESP Community could come hang out and have fun with us and George?"

Well, you can. Tomorrow (Thursday July 7, 2016) at 11AM PDT, visit and we'll be live streaming George's visit to ESP. We're anticipating that this will be a free-flowing conversation that could touch on just about any subject imaginable; whatever is on George's mind will be what's in store. We don't have any specific plan other than to turn on the cameras and let you be a "fly on the wall" at ESP HQ. This is the first of a new series of live online events we're calling "ESP NOW!", where we'll be giving you an inside look at many things you might find cool, including artist interviews, gear chats, and much more.

For now, set your alarms for 11AM Pacific Time on Thursday, and see what happens with the mighty Mr. Lynch at ESP.