Friday Aug 14: 100 Guitars From Hel with Alexi Laiho

Helsinki, Finland is going to be rocking this coming Friday night (August 14, 2015). Children of Bodom frontman and all-around metal madman Alexi Laiho has put together a completely unique and cool experience where he's taking 100 guitarists of his choice who have learned a series of riffs he's written, and then performing with all 100 of them in Helsinki's Senate Square. The music Alexi wrote for the occasions was commissioned specifically for the Helsinki Festival.

They apparently are streaming this event live, but we'll leave it up to you to figure out exactly when and how. Our mastery of the Finnish language and world time zone calculations are equally bad, so go check out the web site here and get the details.

Alexi (and several of his well known Signature Series ESPs) can be seen below, doing the demo riffs for the event.