EMG Bass Rig Giveaway

EMG Bass Rig Giveaway

Our friends over at EMG Pickups are hosting a giveaway that you're going to want to know about. It's open worldwide, and has one sweet grand prize:

• An LTD Vintage-214 bass with EMG PJX pickups
• An Ampeg Micro-Classic 100W 2x10 stack
• A Mono M80 sleeve bag

You have until May 1 to enter, so head over to the EMG site for the entry form and complete rules/regulations. Good luck to you from your friends at ESP and EMG!

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

I would love to owne that


Play ESP all the time never can afford them but they are the next brand I'm getting might take me 10 years but next guitar and bass will both be esp

Erma  M.

That event of EMG bass Rig Giveaway was a super hit. I attended this event just for fun but believe me at the end I won a grand prize of An LTD Vintage-214 bass. I have still saved this LTD Vintage-214 bass in my house because cheap essay writing service reminds me of this great event.


Corey V.

I never had an EMG Or LTD nether in my life , mut im love it, i play in one at my friend's place , and i'm ben affused *-*

Paul  F.

Love esp stuff

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