The Takamine legacy continues with exciting new distribution relationship

"As we start our new business relationship in 2015 I am happy to present ESP Guitars USA president, Matt Masciandaro, with this LTD-2015, as token of goodwill. We are excited about working in the United States with another successful company that originated in Japan. We look forward to great business together with ESP."
– Hayami Tahte, President Takamine Guitars

ESP Guitars and Takamine Guitars have announced a partnership in which Takamine instruments will be available exclusively through ESP and selected dealers in the USA. This new distribution partnership begins in March 2015.

“This is a momentous leap forward for both ESP and Takamine,” says Matt Masciandaro, president and CEO of the ESP Guitar Company. “The new agreement between ESP and Takamine allows ESP to offer one of the world’s most respected acoustic guitar brands to our dealers and customers, and gives Takamine the kind of sales distribution and marketing support that this fine brand merits.”

For more than half a century, Takamine Guitars has been recognized as a leading acoustic guitar builder. Much like ESP, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2015, Takamine’s origins are as a small guitar shop in Japan. Over the subsequent 52 years, Takamine has grown to being a world-renowned maker of premier-quality acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, selected as a first choice by performing guitarists worldwide. Takamine’s well-known signature artists include musicians such as Glenn Frey, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, and Kenny Chesney. Takamine’s product offerings span the entire market of acoustic guitars, with models designed for players at every level.

ESP and Takamine’s new distribution arrangement allows for Takamine instruments to be sold exclusively at select dealers in the United States beginning in March 2015. Those who wish to inquire about becoming a Takamine dealer should contact ESP’s senior vice-president Jeff Moore at 818-450-8272



Matt S.

This is absolutely wonderful news.  Congratulations to Matt, Jeff, and Mike Brinker.  



Awesome, Congrats! May your partership be fruitful

gerald m.

Congratulations to the entire ESP team this is  a very exciting time for all.