ESP Tribute: Mark Robinett (1956-2014)

While it may seem like a huge business from the outside, the musical instrument industry is actually rather small, comprised of a group of people who’ve made it their life’s passion to create and sell products they genuinely love. Mark Robinett, a respected veteran of our industry who worked for ESP as our director of marketing for barely over a year in 2012-13, was a wonderful example of the type of person whose humor, warmth, charisma and passion helped make the world a better place in which to live.

Mark served the musical instrument industry for nearly 30 years, and he was a highly-admired marketing professional who contributed to the success of companies including Fender, Peavey, Modulus, Aguilar, and others in addition to ESP. He also ran his own marketing consultation and services firm. While Mark excelled at many areas of musical instrument marketing, he is best known as a champion for international markets, and often worked closely with the dozens of distributors who serve music stores and customers in Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Like many of us in the industry, Mark was also a big fan of music, and was a fantastic guitar player as well. Mark’s musical focus was jazz and world music, both traditional and avant-garde, and he also had a penchant for unusual instruments. Outside of music, Mark had been an avid surfer in his youth, and maintained his love for the ocean and nature throughout his life.

Mark leaves behind a loving family as well as hundreds of friends he made during his years as a musical instrument industry professional. It could be said that all of us are better people simply by having known him, and we are heartbroken by his loss. In lieu of flowers, you can help Mark’s family offset the tremendous expenses associated with his illness via a donation here.