Unlocking the Truth: ESP-Playing Teen Band Scores Big

In a world where sometimes it seems like good things never happen to good people, here's a story that should bring hope to every young person who picks up an ESP or LTD and decides it's time to rock. According to an article today on the Gawker site (warning for language and the typical snarky comments section), the Brooklyn, NY-based band Unlocking the Truth have signed a $1.8 million record deal with Sony. Pretty awesome news... but even cooler when you realize the band is made up of 13-year-old middle schoolers.

As you may have read here previously, Unlocking the Truth includes founding members Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar) and Jarad Dawkins (drums), as well as Alec Atkins (bass). Both Brickhouse and Atkins are in the ESP family; you can see Malcolm rocking on a number of different LTD models including the MH-100QMNT, the KH-SE, and the Slayer 2013 Seasons in the Abyss graphic series guitar. Even with his slight frame, Alec is seemingly able to manhandle his LTD F-104, Surveyor-4, and AX-104 with ease.

The past year has been astoundingly successful for the trio, having performed at the 2014 Coachella Music & Arts Festival, as well as having opened for Guns N' Roses and Queens of the Stone Age, and performing on the 2014 Warped Tour. As if that wasn't huge enough, they were also featured in a Verizon Wireless commercial. We wish them nothing but higher and higher levels of success, and congratulate them on their major label deal!