Introducing the Tombstone Case Company

Introducing the Tombstone Case Company

At the 2014 NAMM Show, we have more than a huge update to our line of guitars and basses to show off to the world. Weʼve also announced a whole new division of ESP called the Tombstone Case Company. Tombstone will be creating a complete line of graphic-designed hard shell cases and gig bags for guitars and basses.

Why have our own case company? “What led us to create Tombstone was that many ESP customers wanted to have instrument cases with a level of character that goes beyond the traditional look,” says Jeff Moore, ESP Senior Vice President. “Weʼre very excited about Tombstone as a whole new area of business for ESP, and cool new choices for our customers.”

High-Resolution Graphics

The very first case in the Tombstone line was created expressly for ESPʼs new Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH-WZ White Zombie guitar. When we decided to make our case designs available for other models, we didnʼt just want to do what others have done before. Therefore, unlike many other graphic-based cases, Tombstone uses a high-resolution digital reproduction for its graphics, with a state-of-the-art graphics infusion process resulting in a photo-quality reproduction, and a much finer detailed look than typical silkscreening. The Tombstone case designs are based on original artwork created by longtime ESP designer Dave Ruhr.

What If I Donʼt Play ESP?

Well first, you should. But even if you donʼt, ESP will be creating cases and gig bags to fit a variety of guitars and basses from other brands. The first Tombstone cases for ESP models will be available in the second quarter of 2014. Keep an eye out for them here on the ESP site, and at your local ESP dealer later this year!

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zaiya m.


mad son

man i want that case..........

Marc M.

is there gonna be any more updates on the cases?

yannick t.

nice case !!!! if they could be made like the jackson molded case  with these graphic  it will be simply the best case ever made 

  • Robust aluminum channeling
  • TSA locking latches
  • Tough, road-tested ABS material

Excellent looking cases. I've always wondered why more guitar makers haven't done this already, since custom-graphic guitars have been around, since like, forever.

Leave it up to ESP to strike the first chord on what I feel will be an uber-popular item on any guitarist's Birthday/Christmas gift-list.

Well done, ESP!

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