New Guitars and Basses for 2014

2014 marks a very important year for ESP. Weʼve put together a much wider selection of product ranges to accommodate the needs of more musicians than ever before. What follows is a look at our new models for 2014, as well as an explanation of the new brands under the ESP name.

ESP Original Series: The Finest Production Guitar in the World

This year, weʼve added a new series of instruments called ESP Original. They also come from our ESP factory in Japan, and consist of a number of brand new designs along with some classic ESP shapes, representing our highest level of quality in a production instrument.

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ESP USA Series: American-Made ESP Quality

2014 marks a huge milestone for ESP with the launch of our first United States factory. Located in North Hollywood CA, our new facility allows us to create instruments that continue ESP’s tradition of excellence in guitar building. The premier quality and craftmanship that ESP is known for will now be available as 100% made in the USA. ESP USA Series instruments will be available through a select group of ESP dealers.

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ESP E-II: The New Standard

Made in our Japan factory, ESP E-II offers the level of quality youʼve come to know from our standard ESP guitars and basses, with high-quality workmanship and professional components. The ESP E-II Series includes some of the new designs appearing in the ESP Original Series, plus some classic ESP models, for a slightly more affordable price than the Originals.

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Signature Series Expands

Weʼve once again added new artists and new models to our acclaimed Signature Series, with new models in the ESP, ESP E-II, and LTD brands. Some of the artists who get their first ESP signature instruments for 2014 include Alex Skolnick (Testament), Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Doris Yeh and Jesse Liu (Chthonic), Ken Susi (Unearth), and Elias Viljanen (Sonata Arctica). Some of the most exciting updates to the 2014 lineup come from our long-term Signature artists like James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Will Adler (Lamb of God), and others.

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More Basses Than Ever Before

Our bass offerings have grown considerably with the 2014 introduction of several entirely new bass series in 2014. New shapes and models like the Stream, the RB-1000 Series, and the AP Series means thereʼs now an ESP bass for every genre and every style of musician.

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New LTD Guitars and Lefty Choices

With new models like the ARC Series, as well as many updates in components and features that our customers have requested, the 2014 LTD line offers something for every player (including new 7- and 8-string models). Also, lefty players will be happy to note that weʼve added another eight left-handed guitars to our LTD lineup.

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Get The Whole Story on our New Products for 2014

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