The ESP Guitar Company is proud to announce the upcoming opening our first-ever USA-based factory. The new ESP USA factory is located in North Hollywood, CA, a short distance from our USA headquarters.

“This is a significant milestone for ESP,” says ESP President Matt Masciandaro. “For years there has been a demand for a domestic factory, allowing us to create guitars that are 100% made in the USA. Weʼre very excited about the new opportunities for ESP dealers, and new choices for our customers.”

But wait; the news gets even better. Opening in 2014, the factory will be producing a new line of ESP USA guitars. This new brand will be added to ESPʼs existing worldwide brands, including ESP, LTD, and the new E-II series, coming in 2014. The worldrenowned ESP custom shop will remain in its current location in Tokyo. The new USA facility will be crafting a series of production models on a limited basis during its first year of operation, ramping up as demand for the new line increases. ESP USA instruments will initially be available through a select group of ESP dealers.

To understand what huge news this is, here’s a little history for you. Ever since ESP was founded in 1975, we’ve done all of our manufacturing outside the U.S.A. with the exception of a few pieces during a very limited period over 12 years ago. Our premier quality ESP brand is made in the ESP-owned and operated Japan facility, and our more affordable LTD line is made in various locations throughout Asia. With the exception of the very small number of U.S.A. guitars from those earlier days, this the first time that a musician will be able to buy an ESP that’s made in the USA.

The official launch of the ESP USA brand will be at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show, and as usual, weʼll be posting information and photos the moment that these exciting new guitars are shown to the public. Stay tuned!

ESP's USA Series prototypes are nearing completion at our soon to be opened North Hollywood facility.
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mad son

hell yes........

Will Milano

Excited to check out USA models.


Looks great. I would like to see one back in Düsselfdorf though.

Steve g.

I would like to say also... Yea most of my guitars ARE esp... M2s ( best guitar EVER made) so I hope..( REALY  hope) the quality at this USA shop is the same as the japanese shop ( I think thay make the best quality) I know I'm going on but for a long time I used Gibson and could never EVER get quality ..... Some ok most not.... I don't want to see esp end up the same or just some other company that puts stuff out and if it's good ok if not ok....big name people have pumped up the esp name it would be sad to let people down. And yea I love esp to death.... Just what to see them keep making the best guitars in the world!!!!

Steve g.

Esp was a great guitar ( the best) but now it feels..... Not right. I love esp the way thay were I was so loyal.... But I think I'll look at jackson..... At least THAY still use their name(jackson) to see a guitar with no esp logo kills me. But it's more then that, thay built a reputation on that name( and logo) that to most it's taking trust away. Well we will see but for now my new guitars will be jackson ..... Sorry esp.... Some times change is NOT good

Jace N.

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Steve g.

Why would you say that it's an opinion. And I'm not the only one that feels that way. So act right and say how you feel with out using words like stupid

Steve g.

So if you would like to have a conversation or trade outlooks that's good that's why I'm here NOT to have things said with NO reason. If you have a reson OR know something I don't ...... Share .... Talk..... Don't say it's stupid and leave it at that with out knowing why it was said

Steve g.

I'll go a little deeper.... Maybee.... You will understand??? . 1. I have seen other company's change or rebrand, the end result was a lose in sales. 2. People that I know here have all felt the the quality of this rebrand may not be as good  as do I .  3. On the lighter side... You would not buy a Chevy with another name on it not knowing that name. E2 is a new name..... Esp was one of trust... Quality and you knew what you got. As I've read on other web was is a esp NOT ltd.... So is it to be that the e2 is the new ltd? I have 9 ESP guitars and they are the best. When I go to a store and see a ESP I go to that to look NOT an ltd. so as I said now I will see E2. Agin if you know something about this new line let me know. I do not claim to know it all and was hoping someone mite shed some light on this. I say ill look at jackson because I'm just not Shure what esp is doing with the quality I do know the quality of jackson( not quite as good as esp) BUT you so know what your getting..... Oh and thay have the jackson name on them! To me... Jackson wants people to know its thairs.

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