ESP Presents 2022 - Phase 2

Enjoy this massive collection of brand new guitar demos, interviews, and special content in ESP Presents 2022 - Phase 2!

00:00:00 Let's goooo
00:00:18 LTD EC Series Spotlight
00:00:50 LTD EC-1000T CTM (Cameron Stucky)
00:03:03 LTD EC-1000T CTM Evertune (Cameron Stucky)
00:05:16 New for 2022 - Basses
00:07:34 LTD Bass Spotlight
00:08:20 Orion (Behemoth) Interview - LTD Orion-4
00:12:33 ESP at Welcome to Rockville Fest 2022
00:16:59 Josh Middleton (Architects/Sylosis) Interview - LTD JM-II
00:32:42 ESP at NAMM 2022
00:36:54 LTD MH-1000 Black Ocean (Rodney Dudum)
00:39:20 LTD M-I Custom '87 (Cameron Stucky)
00:41:30 LTD Phoenix Series Spotlight
00:42:15 LTD Phoenix-1000 EverTune (Cameron Stucky)
00:44:25 LTD Phoenix-7 Baritone Black Metal (Kazuki Tokaji)
00:46:58 Wiley Arnett (Sacred Reich) Interview
00:51:40 LTD SN-1000HT Fire Blast (Ryan Hansen)
00:53:56 LTD SN-1000FR Snow White (Ryan Hansen)
00:55:50 ESP Original Snapper CTM (Rodney Dudum)
00:57:49 Satyr (Satyricon) Interview on the Edvard Munch Exhibit
01:17:49 Alex Skolnick Unboxes his new ESP USA
01:21:32 LTD "201 Series" Spotlight
01:22:12 LTD "201 Series" (Cameron Stucky & Rodney Dudum)
01:25:39 Signature Series Spotlight
01:26:26 Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men) Interview - LTD AA-1
01:30:52 Lars Frederiksen (Rancid) at the Skate Park - LTD Volsung
01:34:40 Nergal (Behemoth) Interview - LTD NS-6
01:38:29 ESP All Access Spotlight - Brendan Hagey
01:42:56 ESP Exhibition Limited Series
01:46:54 ESP E-II Seven-String Comparison (Pat Heath & Jamie Hunt)
01:54:34 ESP E-II T-B7 Baritone (Kazuki Tokaji)
01:56:06 ESP E-II Horizon FR-II (Luis Kalil)
01:57:45 ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 EverTune (Cameron Stucky)
02:00:21 ESP E-II M-II 7 NT (Kazuki Tokaji)
02:02:55 LTD TE-1000 Snow White (Rob Arnold)
02:05:09 See ya next time!

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