NAMM 2022: Tour of the ESP Guitars Booth

A quick tour of the ESP Guitars booth at NAMM 2022.

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John W.

Only guitar I wanted to see was a Hanneman.

They didn't bring it. Super bummed.

Also, no Eii Mii urban camo. Paid for mine last year. Arrival date has changed 4 times.

I've never seen one in person. Was really hoping to at least hold & play one.

Bummed again.


Cool man, I’m on my way to getting one myself! 

david f.

Lovely vid...nice to see the SN2 at 1min 12sec...i have it in blue


Ugh I need that Papa Het Vulture with the White Finish ASAP! And the Black Sparkle KH-V too! 2023 is so far away. =(



I see some that I still haven't gotten hold of yet..