Even if you're just getting started on guitar, there's no reason that you can't get into the ESP family right away with the EC-10. A great instrument for beginning electric guitar players, the EC-10 has a smooth, comfortable, thin U-shaped maple neck that will make it easier to get around to chords and scales all over the fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets. It has a well-balanced and contoured basswood body that's good for playing while seated or standing. When you're ready to rock, the EC-10's ESP Designed LH-100 pickups are great for any genre of music you like to play. It also includes a gig bag case, making it easier to get to lessons and friend's houses. For learning, jamming, songwriting and more, the EC-10 is a terrific choice that you can afford today. Available in Black, Blue, and Red.

(U.S. Only)
Engineered Hardwood
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
TOM & Tailpiece
Neck PU
ESP Designed LH-100N
Bridge PU
ESP Designed LH-100B
Electronics Layout
Vol/Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.

Curious, The EC10 has a deep body contour.  Is there a reason for this or just trying to be different?  

Carl N.

Hey Aiden, contours in this area help with access to the notes at the end of the fingerboard.

Jeremy D.

I don't find this guitar comfortable to play sitting down. It doesn't rest comfortably and the point digs into my leg. Other than a few minor quality issues it's been good. I have owned it for nearly 10 years.

Carl N.

Hey Jeremy, I believe you may be playing seated with the instrument over your right leg, correct?  I can see the horn of this instrument going into your leg if they are too close together in this position.  I would recommend trying to play with this seated on your left leg, this will also help you stabilize the instrument better and will allow you easier access to the higher frets.  Glad you have been enjoying your EC!

Devon S.

I picked this guitar up because I wanted something cheap to mod, and it sounded pretty good when I first got it, but I let it sit for about a week and didn't play it, and when I picked it up again it was really buzzy. Turns out, the nut wasn't glued down that well and came loose, but once I put a 0 fret and a new nut on there it sounded pretty good.

The LH 100 pickups sound pretty good too

Todd B. ESP

Hi Devon, Thanks for sharing your comments and feedback here. Sorry that you experienced a problem but we're happy that you were able to get it solved. Glad you like the sound of pickups!

Joseph F.

Does this guitar go out of frequently? I mean going out of tune like every 5 minutes or every bending the strings? But tuning the guitar up everyday for once not problem for me

Todd B. ESP

Hi Joseph, For any guitar to stay in tune, the guitar must be setup properly with new strings, and the hardware such as tuning machines, neck plates and bridges must be secure to the body. Finally the strings need to be stretched , nut slots need to be smooth without the string catching in the slot. Once all those things are confirmed, the guitar will stay in tune better. SO we always recommend getting your guitar properly setup in order to function well. If your tuning is going out frequently then it tells me the something may be loose or your strings are old.  Keep in mind, that some of the best guitars will go out of tune. It depends on how much you are bending the strings and how hard you are pressing the strings and hitting the strings.


When I bought my EC-10 from Guitar Center, It didn't come with a gig bag. Is that because the price was $20 cheaper than what's listed here? Is this normal?

I bought it online and they shipped it to me. The ESP box looked like it was unopened but I guess it could've been. Just wondering.

(Edit: Wanted you to know that I'm not complaining, I love the guitar. I am very happy with it and I don't need a gig bag. Just curious)

Todd B. ESP

Hi Tyger, Thanks for posting your question here. Yes GC has their own exclusive version of this model which they sell and it does not come with a gig bag. Ours does come with  a gig bag, but it is a very basic one. I would say that you might be happier in the long run to purchase a premium gig bag for transporting your guitar in case you want to. We're happy to hear that you like your guitar!

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