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LTD Deluxe guitars are designed to offer the tone, feel, looks, and quality that working professional musicians require in an instrument, while remaining affordable enough for serious players. The TE-1000 Black Blast offers a bolt-on construction Swamp Ash body with an outstanding textured black sandblasted finish that looks amazing contrasted against its roasted maple neck, with 22 extra-jumbo stainless steel frets and offset abalone dot inlays. This guitar also includes a scalloped fingerboard from frets 17-22 for excellent lead performance expression possibilities. Pickups on this guitar are the Seymour Duncan Sentient (neck) and Pegasus (bridge) set, both splittable with push-push control, offering the perfect blend of articulation and aggression. The TE-1000 Black Blast also features LTD Locking tuners and a Hipshot hardtail bridge with string-thru-body design.

Construction Bolt-On
Scale 25.5"
Body Swamp Ash
Neck Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Radius 350mm
Finish Black Blast
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Type Molded
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 22 XJ Stainless Steel
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Standard
Tuners LTD Locking
Bridge Hipshot w/ String Thru
Neck PU Seymour Duncan Sentient *(Push Tone for Split)
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan Pegasus *(Push Tone for Split)
Electronics Passive
Electronics Layout Volume/Tone(Push/Push)/3-way Switch
Strings D'Addario XL110 (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included N
Gary S

This guitar looks perfect for me except one thing I cannot stand the finish..... just wish it came in a solid color with a smooth finish or maybe another color sand blast

Daniel E.

I'll probably not ever even play this guitar but I'm here in support of the 22 frets. An extra 2 frets is not worth the sacrifice in tone you're making by pushing the neck pickup so close to the bridge, I wont even play "LP" style guitars that have 24 frets. IMHO if 24 frets is so important to you then just play one of the ten million RG style super strats on the market and leave us our single cut 22 fret guitars

Garth R.

I'm coming around to the 22 frets, as Todd mentioned it will offer a slightly smoother tone in neck pickup position, there are so many other models with 24frets that are ideally designed for high fret lead work where as this I can see stepping in as a mainly rhythm guitar, and it looks amazing in the sandblasted black, I think it would be a shame to cover that lovely finish in a pickguard.

No reason you couldn't add an aftermarket one Devan C.


This will 100% be my next guitar purchase, have to wait for stock to come in around June though


Does anyone have any opinions on the moulded nut thou? Think at this price point they could have gone with a graphtek.

Steven Cooper

Just the fact that there are scalloped frets on this guitar would indicate that it's being targeted as more of a lead instrument, not so much a rhythm instrument. Any chording that you might do around those frets where the scallops are won't sound right.  A light touch is required on those frets in order to get the proper tones, and of course if you're screaming notes, you'll just bend the hell out of the strings, but if you're going for any chording  It won't sound natural. 

Devan Arya

@Steven Cooper They're just scalloped from 17-22, it doesn't affect the sound on chords before the 17th fret.

Devan Arya

This is so close to what I have in mind for a 'perfect guitar'. But please, as some people also requested, make this with 24 frets! Satin pickguard would be also cool but it's something complementary but 24 frets!

Basically the Tele version of the LTD Deluxe SN-1000FR 

I'm looking for a new guitar to complement my LTD EC Black Metal for ages and this is so close!

I sign on Garth R.and Pedro G.

Frog M.

I am not a traditional ESP/LTD player.  I don't really play or listen to any modern metal, nor do I downtune any further than Eb.  Very standard and bland with my usual choices.  Strat, les paul standard, les paul dc jr, jazzmaster. That being said, I have heard nothing but positive things about ESP and LTD guitars and have many friends who swear by them. This model is EXACTLY the type of model that gets someone like me interested in checking out your instruments. Non-glossy neck, traditional shape, 22 frets, simple construction, all with a little edge to it that makes it your own.  I would love some colors, like a purple or a red, however, I can't be picky.  Great job! I will certainly be giving it a shot.

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