The ENGL Powerball II is known worldwide as a pure, uncompromising metal amp, offering tones that pave the way for the ultimate in modern metal sounds. What if you could take the over-the-top tone of the Lead 2 channel of this outstandingly brutal amp, and just add it to your pedalboard?

Now you can. The ENGL Powerball Pedal recreates the gain stages of the amp itself. True bypass and completely analog, the pedal’s specially-selected components offer up a particularly high level of sound quality. You can dial in the perfect amount of gain, taking you from merely face-ripping to utterly world-destroying tones in the turn of a knob. Then use the bass, middle, and treble frequency controls to sculpt the EQ of your tone however it best fits your music. The Powerball Pedal is built to excellent quality standards with an electronics assembly that's protected by a highly durable housing, meaning you get a pedal that’s going to deliver for a lifetime!


  • GAIN Controls the amount of gain. Left is less, right is more
  • BASS Controls the amount of low frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • MIDDLE Controls the amount of middle frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • TREBLE Controls the amount of middle frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • VOLUME Controls the output volume. Left is less, right is more.
  • TRUE BYPASS (This footswitch turns the pedal effect on and off. When the effect is off, the signal is routed directly form the input to the output jack)


This pedal uses 9V DC negative center and is protected by a ZERO LOSS REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION circuit. With the second DC jack you can supply additional effect devices (daisy chaining). Due to ecological reasons, the pedal does not accept batteries. Power consumption is 18 mA.