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The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all right handed 4 and 5-string B and D series bass models, including the LTD RB-1004 and LTD RB-1005 series.

Peter H.

Now the toughie. I got my hands on an LTD H-1004SE bass, which was discontinued a couple years back from the looks of things. There's no H-series case listed for basses, but it's got a lot in common with the body shape of the B-series. Will it fit? If not, can you suggest a case that would?

Carl N.

The B and H series basses are of different body shapes, I would go with a gig bag or universal case as there is no form fit case for these.

Jon W.

Hi, will this fit the LTD B2005 30th Anniversary model? Thanks.

Carl N.

Hey Jon, yes this will fit that bass.

Tajul T.

Would a B-10 fit this? Thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Tajul, Yes it will fit.


This Case will fit my recently pawn shop found Ltd B-304 4 string (2002?) Bass ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Kroni, yes it should fit .Keep in mind our cases are made tight so that the body will hold better over time. So the first time you may have to work the body into the cut out.