Junior Models

Let’s Get Small

“Junior” Models for Little Rockers and Road Warriors

Anyone who started on guitar or bass before they were at their full-grown size might remember that it could be challenging to try to play full-step scales, to properly voice certain chords, or to get up and down that seemingly huge fretboard. And even those of us who managed to grow up — physically, at least — sometimes find ourselves in need for a little guitar that can easily go places, whether packed into a cramped car or in an overhead compartment on a plane.

Never fear… the Juniors are here! These two 3/4-sized electric guitars and one 3/4-sized bass are perfect for smaller hands, as well as functioning as a killer travel instrument.

LTD EC-JR and F-JR Kits: On The Case

With the LTD EC-JR KIT and F-JR KIT, everything you need to know is right there in the name. The EC-JR is a 3/4-sized (20.5” scale) version of the famous ESP Eclipse, one of the most popular guitars in rock and metal. The F-JR takes the aggressive, angled look of the LTD F Series and miniaturizes it for smaller players. These are sturdy guitars that can make great travel instruments for players who are out on the road often. Grab your miniamp, your LTD JR guitar and a cable, and rock no matter where you go! Both of these guitars include a gig bag case at no added cost, making them great for getting around town, back and forth to lessons, and to jams at friends’ houses.

The EC-JR is available in a cool-looking 2-Tone Burst finish, while the F-JR comes in black… of course. Both models feature bolt-on-neck construction, along with basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and chrome hardware. The EC-JR provides two ESP Designed LH-100 pickups, while the F-JR offers an LSH-100 in the neck and a LH-100 in the bridge.

A Little Bass for Everyone with the LTD B-4JR

Why do bassists so often get the short end of the stick, so to speak, when it comes to smaller instruments for younger players and travelers? It’s time to change that with the LTD B-4 JR KIT, a 3/4-sized version of the beloved LTD B Series bass. Not only a great choice for beginning bassists, the B4-JR is also good for people with a smaller frame who might find a full 34” scale bass simply too large to master. This bass has a comfortable 28.5” scale and a fast, smooth neck, making it great for anyone who wants to learn bass or play an instrument that’s better sized for their body. Also, it’s a great choice for a travel bass;  just zip it up in the included gig bag case, and hit the road!