Big Boys

James Hetfield

James Hetfield is the vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter in Metallica, the biggest heavy metal band of all time. Spanning three decades, nine studio albums, and countless world tours, Metallica has spread their unique form of thrash metal to all corners of the globe. Known for his mighty right hand and precise rhythmic execution, James’s signature guitars were built to his exact specifications in playability and durability. Learn More »

Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for the biggest heavy metal band of all time: Metallica. Over the past thirty years Kirk and Metallica have single-handedly changed the face of music, sold more albums than any metal band in history, and continue to inspire new generations of musicians. Kirk’s solos are a crucial part of Metallica’s dominating sound, and he has relied on ESP for more than two decades to make him guitars that meet his every need. Learn More »

Stephen Carpenter

Stephen Carpenter is the guitarist in California alt-metal gurus Deftones. From 6- to 7- to 8-string guitars, Stephen has never been afraid to push the limits of what a guitar is meant to sound like. With an unmistakable style, he has turned to ESP since the 90’s to build guitars that meet his every need. Stephen’s guitars were built to handle the heaviest of breakdowns, the richest clean tones, and everything in between. Learn More »

Alex Skolnick

With versatile precision, guitar virtuoso Alex Skolnick can do it all. From metal to jazz, his superior playing has earned Alex a reputation as one of the most well-versed guitar players in the world. Whether he’s dominating stages with thrash metal godfathers Testament, or exploring new musical territories with his namesake jazz trio, Alex continues to amaze crowds around the world with his intense and melodic playing style. Learn More »

Ron Wood

One of the ESP’s longest and most distinguished endorsers, Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones helped define rock and roll. Famous for his fluent guitar lines and slide playing, Ron’s iconic riffs can be heard on many of the Stone’s biggest hits. His signature guitars are built to our highest standard of quality and come in three classic finishes. Learn More »

Frank Bello

Frank Bello is the high energy, always-rocking bassist of New York thrash metal icons Anthrax. With an unmistakable sound and onstage personality, Frank counts on his ESP Signature bass, a modified Vintage-4 in black satin with black pearl inlays and EMG pickups, to lay down the law with Anthrax every night. Learn More »

Tom Araya

The imposing bassist, songwriter and vocalist of thrash metal legends Slayer, Tom Araya commands the entire stage. His signature basses are characterized by a sleek body shape and colossal tone, and embody Slayer’s aggressive and unforgiving sound. All three of his signature models are based on the ESP F series design and include active pickups. Learn More »

Alexi Laiho

Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho is the front man and lead guitarist for Finnish melodic death metal masters Children Of Bodom. Over his more than 15-year long career, Alexi has received many international accolades including "Best Shredder" and "Best Metal Guitarist" by Guitar World magazine. Universally recognized as one of the world’s most extreme guitar virtuosos, Alexi has been pushing the limits of what an ESP can do for over a decade. Learn More »

Gus G.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Gus G first received international acclaim for his guitar wizardry in power metal band Firewind. He subsequently got the notice of heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne, who recruited Gus to occupy the position of his lead guitarist. Gus continues to amaze crowds around the world with his supreme shredding in Ozzy and Firewind. Learn More »

George Lynch

One of ESP’s first signature artists, George Lynch has been tearing up ESP fingerboards since the Eighties. With an uncontrollable style all his own, George has no boundaries when it comes to his playing. His guitars were built with the same attitude, and ESP is proud to offer several different Lynch models that will help you take your own playing to the next level. Learn More »

Will Adler

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Will Adler is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter in American metal titans Lamb Of God. Forerunners of the new wave of American heavy metal, L.O.G. have been an international staple in the metal scene for more than a decade. Will is known for his unorthodox playing style, heavy grooving riffs, and use of dissonant chord shapes. His signature guitars are designed to withstand Lamb Of God’s intense performances and accentuate Will’s dominating playing style. Learn More »