EC-1000 Stolen

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 EC-1000 Stolen

Hello friends. My guitar was stolen in Guadalajara, Mexico ( for a change) It's a EC-1000 see thru black cherry. It has a pair of Seymour Duncan pickups in it. Those are a sentient and a Pegasus. Esp tuners and three black speed knobs. Serial number begins with 1111. If you have seen it, please let me know it. 




Wow man, I had one of my ESP's stolen from me, I had insurance on it and replaced it, but the sentimental value, they found my guitar in a pawn shop 100 miles from my house, my buddy, a private investigator, used his hook ups at the state patrol to check the pawn shop registry, and they got a hit on the serial number.  It looks like you don't have a complete serial number, that's gonna be rough, dude.  I don't know how the police operate in ole Mexico, but if you have pictures, you might be able to prove ownership, Good Luck, brother.