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This is a group to created to praise the greatness that is Slayer

Bruce H.

Just came to Riverbend in Ky. Killer show, so keep playing no matter what.

End of Times


jason b.

Reign in blood

jason b.

Best slayer album is

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Rock on..... Metal for life

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

I never got to see Slayer live with Jeff on guitar. Hope to see them at some point soon

jason b.

my first concert on seasons in the abyss tour with testament and sepultura opening amazing show all origional lineup rip hannemann

Lewis F.

Slayer Rules!! Was my first show in 1987 at L'Amours in Brooklyn & I have worshiped them since. Kerry King & I went to the same tattoo shop & in a raffle I wone HIS B.C Rich!  

Steve V.

Hello everyone, Ive been a Slayer fan since 87, does anyone here have the Tom Araya bass? I have some questions.

Brian J.

No disrespect to Reign in Blood, or Seasons in The Abyss, but Christ Illusion is my fave. I think its just killer!

Lewis F.

The new album is awesome!