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This is a group to created to praise the greatness that is Slayer

Jim S.

Slayer freakin rules, I don’t like the new album to much except for the song “piano wire”. “Repentless” is ok, but could be better, the video is cool.  I guess I just miss Jeff.  Gary was the best selection they could make, but no one will replace Jeff.  I’m so much of a Slayer fan I’ve got a ESP guitar specially tuned in Eb for all of the old Slayer tunes, you know, seasons, dead skin mask, blood red, read between the lies, angel of death, war ensemble, skeletons of society, divine intervention, dittohead are a few that I like to play.

Bruce H.

Just came to Riverbend in Ky. Killer show, so keep playing no matter what.

End of Times


jason b.

Reign in blood

jason b.

Best slayer album is

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