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Owners of Paul Landers ESP Signature (ESP Eclipse-I CTM PL).
An awesome sounding guitar, let's share our thoughts!

Kevin Storm

Hey Guys.


My name is Kevin Storm and I am an ESP endorsed artist. I thought these two video reviews of the new Paul Landers Flyrig might be relevant here! One video is of the settings, and the other of how it sounds in a mix. Enjoy!





 Here's Mine...


What are your experiences with this guitar?

I bought it used 2 months ago and I totally love it.
Great sounding with a lot of "attack" in the sound and very "thick" sound, the body surely gives the guitar a great bottom, perfect for me as I play metal.

I like the looks of it, looks really cool.

Been gigging with it and it sounded and looked perfectly, and the most important thing, the feeling of the guitar was great!

Your opinions?