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Prog Metal

Group dedicated to progressive metal and progressive hard rock music and artists.  Please comment, share tour dates by your favorite bands and PLEASE share new signed and unsigned acts that the metal community (prog or mainstream) may not be aware of.

Kenny (Kenpachi Zuraki)

Dime” heavy influence for sure.


hello to all of you


anyone in this group a big jeff loomis fan even though we are esp lovers??

Intecer A.

Anthony S.

New Fates Warning album is amazing...great to see one of my favorite bass players Joey Vera joining the ESP family...

Bill D.

I have a friend who owns a record store, (Yes, amazingly he's still in business), turn me on to Fates Warning and I really dig them.  I only have the one album, Parallels (Expanded Edition), which I know is older, but I'll have to check out this new one.  Thanks for the heads up and rock on!  \m/

M. Houghes

Through Different Eyes is one of my favorites by Fates Warning(Perfect Symmetry)...

M. Houghes

Have you ever listened to Helstar? A Distant Thunder is amazing...