Kirk Hammett Student edition

Vincent M.

Hi, got a Kirk Hammett student edition black electric guitar that came with an amp, 2 picks and a ceetificate with it.

Unfortunately, I lost the certificate and would like to have another one. I don't really know who the manufecturer of the guitar is but was told to check with you. How can I get another certificate of authentication please? Would imagine you'd need a serial number from the guitar itself? 

ESP 348

These were made by Washburn, so you are probably best off contacting them to see if they can help you.

James Sterling

You need to contact a manufacturer who can help you.


some pics of the guitar plz


Vincent M.

This is the guitar. Picture off google but it's just the same one. Really gutted that I can't find the certificate of authenticity. 

Denis C.

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Daniel  C.

Try this one out , you will find a lot of useful information there, about a personal narative in particular.

Harry K.

Cool guitar

Jan W.

I think here only the manufacturer will help

Jimm C.

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Jack W.


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