NGD: ESP USA M-III in Copper Sunburst

NGD: ESP USA M-III in Copper Sunburst

I bought a new ESP USA M-III in copper sunburst yesterday. This is a really nice guitar! The neck is great. The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop 78 humbucker has a sound that I really like.


Has anyone else tried one of these yet?


Pictures please.  Would love to try one but I dont usually see anything high end in my local shops.  What would you compare it to.


I want the black one with EMG's for Metal stuff my band plays! How would you describe the neck?

JMF Music Supply

The necks are fantastic, a nice thin contour without feeling like nothing is there. There is definitely still enough neck to hold onto and get a good feel for the instrument. The fretboards are fast and the action is as low as you could ask for. I think one of the nicer touches is the fret end dressing that they do on all of the USA and EII models. No other guitars out there feel as smooth at the edge of the neck with the rounded fret profile.

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