Dye Coming Off Fretboard After Oiling?

David B.

Hey guys - I recently picked up an E-ii Eclipse very lightly used, and like all my other ebony fretboards, I oiled it with Dunlop 65 during my first string change. After oiling, I've noticed the dye coming off the board. I didn't have this problem until I oiled it - I let it sit out for a few days to dry and it's still an issue. I'd prefer not to have all the dye slowly come off if I can help it. Has anyone had a similar issue? Is there a way to stop or reverse this? 


Vasilis S.

Hello, i have an E-II, with an ebony fretobard (total black) and the only thing that i noticed is that when i took it for a set-up and they cleaned it and put lemon oil after that the guitar smells like lemon oil + wood but like a lot. It's been smelling like that for weeks and i dont know what is wrong with it.


Ralph  S.

I had a fairly recent purchase of a new E-II and was getting black fingers from playing. I assumed it was from a polish compound used on the frets or fretboard. I just used gerlitz fretboard honey treatment and it seems to have cleaned it up fairly well. I don’t think it’s dye but I’m keeping an eye on it.

Filip K.

The same with my E II Eclipse. First I tought that something was wrong with the strings, so I changed them and also cleaned and oiled the fretboard. But it is still the same. My fingers are Black after some playing. And it is also not that easy to wash ist away... Is this usual or will it ever stop? Don´t want to try out some alcoholic guitar cleaner, cause I am also scared to have a bright fretboard later on.

Filip K.

I had clean up my fretboard with some lemon oil and now the problem is gone. :-) 

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