Black Nickel Replacement Hardware

Black Nickel Replacement Hardware

Dear Community, I need black nickel hardware as replacement for my ESP Eclipse E-ll Black Natural Burst. I can only find nickel or chrome, black or gold, but no black nickel. Any ideas? I need locking tuners as well as a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Greetings from Munich, Oli


I have the best luck on eBay. Gotoh makes it, in the black nickel, but I can only reliably find it on eBay.

Flying Dutchmen

Try searching on Gotoh cosmo black

Jim G.

It’s cosmo black, I am wanting to do the same thing to match my black chrome het set...we would need tuners, tail piece, bridge and knobs...i found it all on eBay, and also gotohs website...


the problem is, it’s very confusing on exactly which tuning machines we need, the length of the tuning peg and the position of the mounting screw has many options and it’s very confusing 

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