Serial number

Máté J.

Hey all,

I would like to ask for some help to find out if this guitar is fake or not.

Thank you in advance!

Paul S.

Mh401nt .. s/n is IS0860927

I guess it's a 2008 but the 60 can't be the week ?

Thanks for any help


Pics will help, Paul.

Marcella P.

Is this guitar fake - here is the serial number


L 15010195


It says made in China but I don't see a factory starting with an L


Hi Marcella, we'd need photos to be able to help.

Germán M.

Hi there! I bought this guitar, looks like a esp ltd EC 401VF Faded cherry sunburst 2012...but theres no serial number un the black of the head. Will send that pic Tomorrow... 


Is It legit?


Germán M.

For some reason i cant uploaf the pic


Well, it's close. I can't quite tell from the singular photo. The thing that concerns me most is the headstock, which does not appear to have binding. The truss rod cover shouldn't have 3 screw holes, but it's easy enough to believe that it's been replaced over the years.

With no serial number on the back of the headstock, I'd be wary.

Germán M.

Thanks, pushhead

Abizar S.

would someone please let me know if this serial number is legitimate?


Hi Abizar. It's a legit 2009 EX-50.

Robert H.

How do I check my serial number? Where do I go to do that?

Robert H.

Where do I go to check my serial number? How would I do that?


Hi Robert. From just this single photo I'd be wary of that guitar. While the serial number would be correct for a 2006 guitar, the tuners and the circle logo concern me. Is there any chance we can see the rest of the guitar?

Robert H.

Robert H.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it. 


Hey Robert. The less-than-stellar photos aside, there's a lot of red flags on that one. The biggest (or easiest to identify) is the E-II logo on a guitar with a 2006 serial number. I'd stay very far away from it, or return it if possible if you've already bought it.

Robert H.

Unfortunately I cannot return the guitar. 




That sucks to hear, man.

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