NGD: E-II Horizon FR7

NGD: E-II Horizon FR7

Got this yesterday and figured this ghost town could use some new eye candy, even with crappy cell pics. 

Posted a full NGD at SSO: But the skinny of it is that this guitar is absolutely killer. I love the neck on this and my BS-7. Excellent carve, neither too flat nor too thick. Binding, finish and fretwork are all top notch. Absolutely ESP Standard Series quality and my faith in the E-II line is confirmed. 
I do wish there was a passive option or, at the very least, that they went with passive route actives over the soapbars. I'm not an EMG guy anymore, but I'm about to pull the trigger on a 57-7/66-7 set for this and eager to give them a shot.

David G.

Very nice man congrats!

Marius M.

Sweet ! congrats 

Seth G.

Are those tuners locking or not?

Sergey "PAL" Egoroff


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