My ESP's (Can't go wrong with all black)

My ESP's (Can't go wrong with all black)

Thought i'd share all my ESP's with you guys. Can't go wrong with all black  

Share your glossy black ESP's here if you like.  


Enjoy guys  



2004 ESP Custom Shop





1994 ESP KH-2 (signed by Kirk Hammett) -Truss Rod-


Absolutely beautiful and amazing photos !! Great stuff. Keep on rocking man \m/


absolute gorgeous, dude. That HHS MII is pretty unique. Horns up !  \m/

ESP 348

Very very cool!

I will get some pics of mine up when I can.

Harry Humphries

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Here is my black Horizon  And also a slightly more colourful 400 Series!


Black is the new colorful  Its looking So amazing and I am thinking to own this one now


Penny Saviour

Alaina O.


Wow! Its looks damn rocking in black the shiny black guitar has its own class that attracts a lot. coupon 2017 Thanks for sharing this great stuff its eye catching. I use to play guitar sometimes back but now days for my busy schedule I am unable to manage time for playing my guitar after watching this I am feeling interested in playing guitar again.

Travis L.

Agreed! I love the all black look. Makes it look edgier and clean. Whats up big daddy! Hey do you have an instagram?


Very nice collection


I really love this kind of collection 

Noelani V.

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The collection of guitars are cool.

Robert A.

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Theresa S.

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