2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Members and Friends! Here's the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts on the "New for 2021" prototype previews that we're starting to send out each week... with the first one going out tonight (Friday October 9, 2020). If you're an ESP All Access member, you should be receiving Preview #1 in your email inbox sometime in the next 12 hours or so. Feel free to tell us what you think here! Thanks.

Luiz P.

I like where this is heading to, but I miss a tone knob, active/passive options would be great and more color options, specific vintage colors. Same vibe of yours awesome GB-4, just wish it had passive preamp.

jose p.

Quisiera probar una de estas guitarras,cómo hago ser  artista exclusivo de su prestigiosa marca


More pictures of the 2021 prototypes, please!  Also, please share any information about 2021 guitar prototype left handed models, please.


Tom Sisson

Kieran  H.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Gold Andromeda. the White 7 String MH-1000 looks really good. The M-4 Bass looks cool. the Dark Brown Sunburst MH-1000 looks pretty good as well. Can't wait to see next previews! 

YE 京帥 王

Brendan Breakdown

The dark brown sunburst is gorgeous!

Maria W.

This one looks perfect
LTD Deluxe MH-1000 EverTune in Dark Brown Sunburst

when would we know more about it? 

Kristiyan Stoichkov

Hoooly moly, that is absolutely gorgeous combo right there, probably will be even better in red flame maple (looks red but says Dark Brown Sunburst) and with fishmans, either way dooo it please, i’m gonna buy two!  

Edward W.

The LTD Deluxe MH-1000 EverTune in Dark Brown Sunburst ?? That could'nt look more RED! Looks great, but NOT BROWN?


Thank you for using Evertune! However I’d probably have about 5 more guitars at this point if you offered it on more E-II eclipse models.. 

I haven’t had to tune my guitars in over year.. I can switch guitars while rehearsing or performing without any doubt in my mind that my guitar is perfectly in tune.


the rest of the band will get upset with me when I tell them they’re out of tune. Because they know it’s true. lol 




E-II HORIZON FR-7 in a 6 string please, same specs, quilted top and paint otherwise.  A lot of people asking for it.

Anthony D.

Can we please get more viper options! Metallic purple or some wild metallic, distressed finishes, single humbucker setups. Etc. pretty please. Lol. 

Andy G.

In the past I waited 2-3 yrs for a new model that would be M series bolt-on with a fixed bridge. Unfortunately nothing came out. So I bought M-403HT and I am satisfied. 


Bro., that will be a cool and good idea. But I think you should try it.


Someday I would love to own an Esp. I love the eclipse model so someday maybe. It's the dream for sure. Just not in the cards budget wise. Nice to seen the new models.

Brendan Breakdown

Very classy finish!

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