• Dave P.

    Help me pick first ESP...

    I have a good USA Fender Strat‎, maple neck, HSS with Floyd Rose Original.

    I like traditional, but modernized and hot rodded so it's not "just a strat" - it's special.‎‎

    Looking for thicker darker sound, flatter radius an lower action. I'm more classic rock to light metal, not a shredder but need easy neck for short fat fingers.

    I was thinking Eclipse or EC-1000 as an affordable Les Paul that was modern and hot rodded - and if EC-1000, can have Floyd Rose too.

    And now I see FRX‎ for first time and am very confused.

    It has the Strat's offset double horns and curves I love, with unique modern attitude - and Les Paul like Mahogany body, set neck and carved top.

    So... without a local store to check any of the possibilities out, am lost to narrow it down when neither check all my boxes.

    Eclipse has no Floyd Rose, LTD that does and the FRX have active EMG's  that may be too heavy and not clean/versatile enough for me‎.

    Pick ups are easy to swap to passive for to have Floyd Rose, and I can't stop thinking about FRX - but it also scares everybody I show it's picture to, and where I think the see through colors showing maple in person will be less scary-metal looking, I worry it may be too different for many to appreciate it's style the way I do.

    What do I do?

    Do these guitars have similar sound (if same pickups), and can they cover Les Paul tone enough that  I won't want an LP later?


    ‎‎I Know the E-II is in a higher league than the EC-1000 but‎ it's price is too. E-II Eclipse has no Floyd Rose like the LTD FRX that also is solid colors only. Normally I determine  what I want and figure out the price later... so am thinking sound and feel here, not money.‎

    ESP - if your listening, add Passive option to E-II FRX‎ FM or an LTD with FR as I rather not swap pickups out of new expensive guitars. Add FR to Eclipse or Passive to LTD with FR.

    • The G.

      If you go with the EC, you can easily find Les Paul wiring schematics online. Also, you can save a sack of scratch and go used. Scored my M-II Deluxe off of eBay for $600 shipped with the hard case. 

    • Dave P.

      Thanks, but why the EC over Eclipse and FRX - Just because it's cheaper and more available used ?

      I see lots of comments describing Eclipse/EC as a good rock/metal alternative to Les Paul - and with Passives all else. I see next to nothing about FRX but assume similar sound due to common wood and construction.

      Was thinking where my Strat was Jennifer Aniston and Eclipse/EC was Pamela Anderson - the FRX would be more Angelina Jolie.


    • Big Daddy B
      Dave P. wrote:

      the FRX would be more Angelina Jolie.



      Why? Because of all the pieces lopped off? 

    • Dave P.

      ...no, still pretty but looks a little naughty, more fun and interesting.