• ESPDan

    NGD! My white whale.

    Just thought I'd share this in here for old times sake, this place has really gone to hell huh? Damn son. Anyways...


    After all these years, it finally lined up. Had money in hand and one in decent shape showed up, I couldn't pass up my white whale! So her she is, in all her hard to capture glory (the color is unbelievable in person, so cool). Just some quick phone pics as well, so nothing too great.







    What have we got here?


    Let's open her up and see, good start...

    Old school ESP case, right on...

    Ahhh, there she is! SONIC BLUE ESP SRC6!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

    The color is really hard to capture, it looks so bad ass in person, love it!

    There she is, I've wanted one of these ever since I saw them, so glad to finally have one. I wouldn't say the previous owner was completely honest about the condition, a few blemishes that were not shown or mentioned, but still well worth it to me, so pleased.

    This guy also came with a Bareknuckle Warpig (ceramic) bridge/neck set, and a Duncan Quarter Pounder Strat, plush the original pickups as well, so lots of options.



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