• Velt017

    NGD and a group shot

    So I suppose I'm officially out of ESP/LTD guitars now. I've managed to whittle the collection to just Jacksons and I've managed to track down some pretty choice models. 


    Newest one is the pro series RRTMG



    And here's a group shot


    That's a Demmelition King V (Pro series, not PDX), RR5FR, RRTMG, RR24, Pro series SL2 Soloist, SLSMG (short run with the maple cap), COW 6 string Dinky and DK2M


    • ChainOfThought

      Nice collection.  I used to be infatuated with RR's but I never did get one before I gave up on playing a V shape.  I might go back and try to get one at some point, I just never liked sitting down with a V and used to absolutely NEVER play standing up...now I do so I might give one another shot on the cheap.


      I dig that new one though, usually don't like pick guards on V's but that one works.