• Adam  C.

    Takayoshi Ohmura

    anyone know if they'll release a signature over here or a model similar to his? I love his tone and love the shape of his snapper models but esp/ltd don't seem to make guitars with three single coils or two emg's in a snapper style.


    also any tips for amp settings?



    • Alvin L.

      I think currently the company is only offering his models through ESP Japan.

      I like Ohmura too. He is basically a master of techniques. Actually Ltd has a few snapper models with 3 single coil. However, his models are wired in the way that the middle pickup is bypassed (3-way instead of 5-way) and the 2nd tone knob is also a dummy. More than that, the Yngwie inspired scalloped fretboard is also a thing. If you really want a guitar like his, I guess modding will be the only way for the moment

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