Edwards Guitars

Edwards Guitars

Any of you guys own/played some of these? How do they compare to ESP guitars? Are they in the LTD range or as good as a legit ESP? 

Are they made in china or japan? 

Thanks again guys! Always great hearing from the ESP family!


They are very good quality guitars. They are made in Japan and for the Japanese market. That way they can still make lawsuit models. People say they are somewhere in between LTD Deluxe and ESP standards. I have one Les Paul copy and it is full thickness, quite heavy guitar, ebony fretboard, lots of sustain. I really like it. I don't know how it compares to a real Gibson LP custom but I know it was made to exactly imitate it. They also make explorers but as far as I know they are lighter than MX's in weight.

Jared M.

What's the scale length?


Travis L.

Awesome bro! Thanks for the info! Some threads and forums say different stuff do I wanted to post it here. Thanks again! 

Travis L.



I own an Edwards EX110D with SD Blackout pups and set neck construction. I bought it just because the shape is exactly identical to MX250 but with a much lower price ( but im not really fond with the natural wood finish but what the hell) Its pretty awesome to play . If compared to ESP MX250 or EXP, i dont know cause i never played one. If you want in depth perspective about Edwards guitar, heres a link for you.


All Night Sounds

I own an Edwards E-LP 85 (Black Les Paul Custom) and a E-MA 100SD/QM (Red Eclipse w/Seymours). I absolutely love them and got them for great prices. the 85 was purchased within the US and the 100 was from Japan. I also own a Gibson Les Paul Custom and would say the 85 is brighter/edgier sounding than the Gibson so depends on what you want to play. Now the E-MA vs. my ESP Eclipse II is tough to compare because its a battle of Seymour Duncans vs. EMGs. The build quality is great on the Edwards I must say. If you can get one around 500-700 bucks I would consider it a steal.

Joshua M.

So they are not ESP guitars?  Edwards isn't affiliated with ESP?  Or is it?


Edwards is a range of instruments manufactured by ESP. 
ESP has several ranges of instruments such as Navigator (the original custom shop that started in 1975), ESP Original, EII, Ltd, Edwards, Grass Roots. 


Edwards is a sub-brand of ESP, similar to how LTD is a sub-brand of ESP.

Steven R.

I have have a Edwards sv Alexi and esp sv Alexi both Identical very  good quality 

Jose Maria I.

Hello all, I have bought an electric guitar Edwards E-SG-120LT2 on a store and the seller say me that this guitar are built in Japan. I look where is the serial number and down the serial only have a little decal typing Made in Japan, this is true or can be a false copy or chinesse builded? if someone knows this please answer to me. Sorry for my english.


Do you have any photos?

Alan P.

I see them all over the shops in Japan. They are like the Epiphones and Squires of ESP Japan. They are mid priced.

Whiteknuckle Deathgrip

They sure dont cost Squier money here in europe 

What are they priced like in japan?

Nathan M.

I have two Edwards. One tele and one Alexi Pinky. 

The tele's neck pocket is a little too low, but I'm not sure if the previous owner had anything to do with that since it's somewhat obvious the neck was removed at one point. I was able to shim it making it a fantastic tele for the money. 

The Alexi Pinky is amazing. My LTD Greeny is still higher quality imo (better paint work on heel joint, cleaner routing in the back). Both have perfect fretwork and amazing necks. The Edwards has scalloped fingerboard from 18-24 which makes it a better playing guitar.

From my experience lately, my Korean LTD have been top notch and easily comparable to even my USA/Japanese ESPs. Sometimes it's luck of the QC lottery tho. USA/Japanese ESP (tie including E-II in my experience) > LTD (MIK) > Edwards > LTD (MII) > LTD (MIC). Note though, I've only had 2 MII LTD and both were great, but minor imperfections in either nut work or paint. 

Phil F.


Is it possible to get an Edwards Custom build, or make some slight changes to production models?


Mazika L.

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Mark P.

Hi.. I am looking at buying an early 2000's Edwards E-FV-85D Flying V to do a sort of Hendrix Love Drops Flying V tribute. Does anyone know if they can be equipped with a Maestro Vibrola Bridge? I am not sure on the specs of the hardware, so any help would be appreciated... Thanks!



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