Anyone using EMG 85-7

Anyone using EMG 85-7


I haven't heard or seen much about this pup, if anyone is using the 85-7 either in the bridge or neck position I'd like to know more about the tone you can get out of this pickup. I'm currently using the 81-7 and 707 that came stock with my LTD MH-417 and looking at options for an upgrade later on. 

I know my guitar teacher used to have an 85/85 combo on a 6 string guitar and it sounded great!

Big Daddy B

I will preface this with I don't play 7 strings but...I have the 85 in the neck of one of my les pauls which is mahogany (like you guitar I believe) and I love it very much. The only guitar I have with an 81 at the neck is alder with a maple cap and it sounds good on that particular guitar but I could see a tendency for it to potentially be harsher in other applications. Overall I find the 85 to be a little bassier and rounder sounding.

Jean-Christophe U.

Thanks man, I'm wondering about the 85-7 in the bridge and neck mostly, I know the 85 is a good neck pickup from what I read.

Max Delassus

Hi !
I have read for years that the EMG 707 was like a EMG 85, but I see that EMG makes the 85-7... that I never tried.
I have tried the 81-7 and 707, which are similar, but the 707 is more round and gets more low sounds... the 81-7 is very near the original 81 in 6 strings.
But honnestly, I have just replaced my EMG's by Bare Knuckle Aftermath 7 pickups, I will never play on an EMG again. I have tried so much pickups way better than EMG's for almost the same price, like Seymour Duncan Nazgul / Sentient, Pegasus, JB, Dominger Custom Pickups, and the best for me are the Bare Knuckle Aftermath, Warpigs, Cold Sweat... they all are passive, but you can't believe your ears when you compare with EMG's...or other pickups.

Hope it will help...

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