Specialty Guitar Picks

Specialty Guitar Picks

Has anyone here tried any kind of specialty picks? Bone, tusk Abalone or some kind of custom pick? I've been looking at Hufschmid plectrums and some seem pretty badass! I use Jazz III's so any info on companies and experiences would be awesome! 

Big Daddy B

Much like beer, I am a cheap pick guy

Travis L.

Haha nice! 

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

I have one made of wood. Hand made by a friend of mine and it worked great for a while, but I have gone back to plastic ones.

The G.

I've got 2 Stealths from Gravity Picks, 3mm and 4mm, and a V-Picks Screamer(3mm). Love them. I also have an old brass pick which is pretty cool. One day, I will get around to trying out a Stoneworks pick. IIRC, the guy has a pick made from a meteorite.

Big Daddy B
The G. wrote:

the guy has a pick made from a meteorite.


Travis, I bet that would sound good with the Digitech Space Station!

Travis L.

Haha hell yeah it would! Using space rock with space stations! 

Brian T.

Last year I ordered a Dragonsheart GT model pick. They make their picks from a material called polyamide-imide and the GT model has 30% carbon fiber in it as well. I've had the same pick for a year and it has no signs of wear, the polyamide-imide materail is very strong and resiliant and is used in aircraft. They have other models as well and check out their torture test videos, really shows how strong these picks are. Here's a link to their website if you wanna check them out http://www.dragonsheartguitarpicks.com


Much like with the ladies, I'm a cheap pick kind of guy.

While they're interesting concepts, I'd lose the pick way too quickly to justify spending that kind of cash on one.  I just go with various combinations of these:

Travis L.

Awesome! I've found some killer jazz pics by Dava. They work really well. 

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