• Adrian G.

    Incorporating Bass into my sad life

    Hey guys, I haven't been on these forums for quite a few years but I always found the community to be horrible and also amazing. So hopefully there's some of the amazing people left over to help me out with a dilemma.


    At the moment I'm joining an already established Prog band from Australia. I auditioned using fingers and a friends bass and I got through with my handsome looks and my charisma more so than my playing (half kidding).

    Just wondering if any of you have done this?

    I'm looking at going from playing lots of Ibanez and my main LTD - MH1000nt (which is the bomb) to a 6 string bass, and so far I'm digging the LTD ones.

    Suggestions for what to look out for?


    Thanks a lot everyone.

    • NiZZZZ

      I have always found Ibanez basses to be extremely playable but a little short on tone. As a bass player for a few years in a rock outfit I always found myself comparing every bass I tried to the thin necks from my friends first Ibanez bass when we were in highschool.

      I had a chance to play an F Bass  this weekend and it knocked my socks right off. Occasionaly you will find one from the 80's that is for sale and it is worth every penny. New ones start at $6000 or something rediculous.

      The John Myung signature basses from Yamaha are also really amazing see if you can find an old RBXJM2 floating around.

      I had some links to post but the spam filter won't let me. Happy Googling! :P

    • Adrian G.

      Awesome man. That's helpful in hindsight haha. I ended up buying a schecter 6 string. Some amazing bass players I know gave it good reviews. Did you find it hard to adjust to getting good bass tones? 

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