suggest me a small, flat freindly amp.

lo, Since moving into a flat I've hardly used my guitar, because my current amp (ENGL Screamer combo) is far too loud to use. So, I'm looking at getting a small practice amp. I have no idea what's out there so was hoping you guys could help me out. I don't mind if its a very low wattage tube amp, or a solid state one. I like to play blues, 60s/70s rock and metal. My budget is up to £350.... Thanks

Roland cube would be ideal


Have you considered the 15 watt engl gigmaster? since you already have an engl you might be partial to liking it


Ht1 or pod hd? Maybe the new Yamaha bookshelf amp.

dor f.

blackstar Ht-20
im using my HT20 For My bedroom and the highest volume i can use(without ruining my ears)
is just abot 50% on the gain volume and 25% on master volume,it can be pushed a lot more.


I still say the Line6 Spiders are ideal for home use


Some of the Roland Cubes are pretty good, and the Vox AD series isn't bad either. The modeling in the Vox AD series is fairly decent, and the amp has a 12AX7 to warm up the tone a bit.


Pod and headphones.

Or, find an old Epiphone valve junior.


+1 what PRP said. And +1 PRP's avatar.

When I'm at home and don't feel metal enough to warm up the 100w stack, I have a Line6 guitar port (I think they call it studio POd or something now) jacked into the USB on my computer, and that goes out to my studio monitors on my desk. Makes it fun and easy to play with tones (dragging and dropping amp heads and stomp boxes with a mouse is much easier than fighting with a POD interface) and jamming along with favorite tunes is easy that way as well. My house is in the US, but I also have a flat in Germany, and my little USB pod thing goes with me.


+1 for the Fender Mustang 20 Watt - its incredible for $100


+2 The Fender Mustang 1 is a great amp and would fit your situation perfectly IMO

deus ex machina

I personally prefer the Roland Cube for high-gain over the Mustang. The Mustang does have VERY authentic nice clean and mid-gain tones, tho.

BTW, I own a Peavey Vypyr and my advice is to stay away from those if you're going for a modeler.



HT-1R combo or Ht-5R combo.


my cube 30X is all i use for the "bedroom" amp, good voicing for the Mesa Gain, and a JC-120 voicing for the cleans.


Grab the Fender Mustang. They're supposed to be best for lower-gain stuff over than the Vypyr or Spider. The Roland Cube is another good one.

Matt C.

Set of beats headphones and the Jamup Pro app with adaptor. ;-) 

Klas H.

For that money I suggest the Blackstar HT-5, 5 watts and can get pretty loud if you want to. However, sounds fantastic on low volumes aswell. Bought one 6 months ago and I´m really pleased how that turned out and it can play anything. 

Good luck!

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