• ammar

    Changing speakers in a 2x12!

    Hey guys, I am about to get a 2x12 cab. It is mono/stereo switchable using the input jack(s). The speakers are wired to each input jack and the jacks are connected to some sort of green circuit board. I assume that the speakers are connected together through the circuit board(?) Since the speakers are 16 ohm and the cab is 8, so they have to be connected in parallel and I saw no wire from speaker to speaker.

    If I get speaker wires with connector ends, remove the current jack-to-speaker wiring along with the speakers and replace with new speakers & wires in similar fashion (connect to the speakers terminals and the circuit board ), am I good to go?

    • jet66

      By replacing the wires as well, are you just avoiding a solder joint to the speaker terminals? Do the existing wires attach to the circuit board via push-on connectors? (That part wasn't entirely clear.) If so, then yes, you should be good to go the way you want to do it.

      I assume you are going with the same impedance speakers? If not, I'd suggest marking the cab with the new values, just to avoid any problems later on.

      • ammar

        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes, the wires attach to the circuit board via push-on connectors, two per each speaker. I know I can clip out the current connection to the speaker and re-solder to the new ones BUT, I never soldered before so don't want to take my chances.

        Same impedance speakers will be dropped in, WGS Vet 30's.

        Thanks Jet :)