• Mr.Dahl

    Re-paint a pickup ?? (EMG)

    I'm thinking of re-painting my EMG's on my white LTD to red. A good idea or a bad one? Will it even work and am I gonna ruin the whole pickup if I do it??? :confused: And do you guys think it will fit with red pickups? A white guitar with red pickups and gold hardware???? What ya think? Cheers.

    • Pushead

      I've noticed no difference on my EMG equipped guitars by adding paint or a vinyl graphic. There was only a slight change in sound when I put the gold cover one. I think you'll be fine.

    • Mr.Dahl

      OK, sounds good.... I'm gonna paint them with some model paint I think (Tamiya TS-49 bright red). The red ones one the RZK-2 burnt are painted, right?

    • Velt017

      BRJ does this all the time. It doesn't change anything.

      • Mr.Dahl

        I got these answers from EMG.


        You can do that if you like. Most folks use model paint. The color choice is up to you. Be sure to try a sample spot on the side of the pup first!

        Hope this helps.'

        I asked them if it's gonna change anything regarding the sound and the output and they replied:

        'Nope. The sound will be fine.'

        And another answer from EMG.


        Not sure if the tech. guys got back to you but yes -- they can certainly be painted. Automotive acrylic paints work best, they certainly won't ruin the pickup.

        Hope that helps!'

        I'm already done. Almost. I've the coating left. I'll post you some pics. when I'm done!