Mesa Mark V....low volumes??

    I love the sound the Mark V has (especially the high gain), but Im wondering how it sounds at low volumes at the 10 watt setting?? I have been "chasing" amps trying to find the "one" and I really like the Mark V but I play mostly at lower volumes, any thoughts ideas?? Thanks

    • spawnofthesith

      Do it. The Mark V is the best sounding tube amp at low volumes that I have played. When I had mine, I spent the most time on 10 watt mode on channel 3, and 90 watts on the other two. Either way, the master volume has a great taper, and 10 watt mode sounds awesome.

    • DB-VII

      ok, I just wasnt sure if I'd defeating the purpose if it "lived" in the 10 watt setting most of the time, dont get me wrong there are times I can use the 45 and 90. Im just having trouble finding an amp with great high gain sound at lower volumes, everything I see and hear about the Mark V seems to be awesome.

    • Big Rich

      the mark 5 is an awesome bedroom amp, im always on 10 watts variac power in myh ouse and it sounds awesome at low volumes

    • ammar

      I always wanted a MESA, i have been eying the Mark V, pricey but worth it IMHO, it is not a one trick pony and as Rich said, great at bedroom levels.

    • DB-VII

      Man I was hoping you guys weren't gonna say that about the V. I may just have to pull the trigger....

    • capoeiraesp

      I ran my Mark V on 10 watt mode for the first time in ages last night.
      God damn, even at the low volumes this amp is incredible. Ch3 loses a bit in the low end but not in a bad way. It has an incredible cut and definition to it.
      I'm picking up a Maxon OD808 today to try with it :)

    • Mark K.

      Played a Mark V today at the local shop.

      I was really dissapointed about the ch3.
      I'm not fooling but, it just didn't had enough gain when I did fast triplets on my low E string. When chording and stuff it had enough. But I was reallly dissapointed about that.

      Another thing is that it didn't had the balls to the wall sound. IMO...

      BUT when I watch Big Rich' vids on youtube there it is, the gain and the balls to the wall...

      Also played an engl invader, which was soooo much better IMO..

    • Zilla

      Its your hands.